Saturday, February 21, 2009

People Matter

When I first started my job I had a manager who would go into his office and close the door and discuss and decide things privately. Then he would come and tell me “you can take on this area of work because of your expertise” but I never knew his rationale or his expectations. Then I got a new manager. She was very open, she is always having conversations, with all her staff. She is very embedded in the organisation, she seems to know everything and everyone. I assumed she had been there for years. I found out she had only been there for 18 months. It turned out she had been very ill at 22, and survived. She decided then that the most important thing was people, so deliberately spends time to get to know people and build relationships with them.

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  1. Matt
    I used to hoard my special expertise ... then I spent a year on maternity leave ... realised I needed something to come back to and it was not just about "me" so had to share with my temporary replacement ...
    never expected that going on maternity leave would provide such a Knowledge Sharing epiphany