Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Written expertise

I'm getting really concerned about our team's zest to collect past proposals and project documents, sanitise and use them as expertise captured in documents. They say that new projects of similar nature may reuse those documents to help them in their writing. There are 3 main problems i see in this: 1. how can we trust a write-up based on a previous version of technology. 2. is it the best way to deliver expertise since it's almost a surety that the thought process has not been captured? 3. how much of the remains helps us understand the true problem after all the sanitisation? How did this arise? People easily limit knowledge as information and tries to codifies it, making unspoken assumptions that this is the means to share expertise. The collecting KM department gets a sense of achievement by counting the number of samples they have collected. Now i try to mitigate this by chanelling their collection (if they must) to documents that the people on the ground wants (or thinks they want) and move on a rampage to connect people to people to discuss and solve on-hand and cutting-edge issues.

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