Monday, January 5, 2009

Taking credit

We share our experience on organizing events. Individuals and divisions are interested in what we know. We have no issues, but our SOPs have been abused. We put a lot of time and expertise into our SOPs. Those divisions borrow our SOPs and change them and claim credit. We are not acknowledged. Sometimes, they leave for another agency, also heading events, with our SOPs. They need to let us know what their intentions are. Now, we are careful about what we share. If we don’t know what it’s used for, we just give general answers. We share freely but in other agencies, knowledge is competitive advantage or even IP. Where do we value-add? Do we give the lot, lock stock and barrel? Before we give, we have to find out what’s the value-add. There are lots of free riders here. You don’t need to work so hard, you just need to know someone to ask. There was an exodus of people who left us for other agencies. They asked for manuals, SOPs from us before they left.

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