Monday, June 29, 2009

Poor Judge of Expertise

I graduated in 2000 and went for an interview for teaching at the Ministry of Education (MOE). That same day, they read an article about me in the newspaper. I thought that that was a positive thing, but we kept talking about my art background. After 15 minutes, he said that I was not accepted. “Will you be teaching Art or English?”, he quizzed. A teacher in Jumeirah who used to teach me then called me about a vacancy. I joined them as a volunteer. Results were good, so the MOE invited me back. The same guy interviewed me. And on the same day, another article about me appeared. But luckily by then I had already been hired by MOE.


  1. Might you clarify your point, Matt? Were the articles negative? Perhaps misleading? Why would reading an article about you cause the MOE to turn you away? Thanks

  2. This is a story from a teacher in Dubai - as I remember the context, she was applying for an English teaching post, but was also an up and coming artist. The article was about her art work, and I think her expertise in this area probably made the MOE guy a little doubtful about whether she would make a good English teacher as well.